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Careers in Nursing Campaign

Nurses for a Healthier Tomorrow has launched an extensive advertising campaign aimed at increasing the attractiveness of nursing as a profession.

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The series of seven print advertisements and a public service announcement (PSA) attempt to improve the image of nursing while encouraging young people to enter the profession. The ads send the message that nursing is a career for everyone in which professionalism, teamwork and leadership are key. The latest campaign initiative involved movie theatre advertisements placed on over 400 movie screens in 13 major markets nationwide.

The campaign's success will rely heavily on grassroots support. If you have specific questions or requests about the campaign, please contact

For updates and information regarding the Nurses for a Healthier Tomorrow campaign, see the 2003 campaign newsletter

Grassroots Efforts

How can I help spread the word?

  • Access information from our Resources and Links section of the site for additional information about the nursing shortage and nursing careers.
  • Localize our news releases and send to local and regional media in your area.
  • Place our print ads and place in your organization's publications.
  • Participate in career fairs and share NHT statistics.
  • Speak to community groups about the shortage and encourage them to contact us about sponsorships and special interests.
  • Host a hearing before city council or hold a town meeting to discuss the nursing shortage and the NHT recruitment campaign.
  • Speak to youth groups about nursing careers and educational requirements.
  • Host a fundraiser and donate the proceeds to NHT.
  • Click here to see a list of Television Stations receiving our Public Service Announcement.

Print Advertisements

The seven print ads featured in the campaign can be placed in any print media as either paid or non-paid advertising. Each ad showcases a nurse and gives information on the individual's nursing background. Nurses for a Healthier Tomorrow is relying on publications donating space to place the ads or member organizations purchasing space.

To view a larger (PDF) version of any of the advertisements, please click on any of the thumbnail images below.

(These advertisements are in Adobe Acrobat Reader portable document format.)
click to see Ad Sharon Brigner, RN, MS

"There are so many opportunities within the nursing profession, such as policy, research, pharmaceutical sales, news and media reporting and education."
click to see Ad Aurora Hernandez, RN

"I took interest in the nursing profession because I felt it was a career that well suited me and the one where I could make the greatest difference."
click to see Ad Jeff Jefferies, RN, CEN

"Nursing care is an essential part of our society. It won't go away, but we will have to change with changing needs."
click to see Ad Sandra Lea, RN, CNOR

"Nursing has given me the opportunity to help other people and also feel good about myself and my purpose in this life."
click to see Ad Garry M. Olney, RN, BSN, MBA

"You shouldn't have to hide what profession you want to go into because of stereotypes associated with it."
click to see Ad Janice Phillips, RN, PhD, FAAN

"While the work (nursing) is hard and demanding at times, the rewards are unlimited."
click to see Ad John A. Wesolowski, Jr., CRNA

"I believe the rewarding nursing opportunities have expanded even more in this new millennium."

Public Service Announcement (PSA)

The 30-second television public service announcement (PSA) differs slightly from the print ads. Due to limitations with usage rights, the TV spot only may be placed as a PSA and not as paid advertising. The PSA has been distributed to 200 television stations nationwide. To find out if a station near you has received it, view the complete list of receiving stations.

If a station near you has not received a copy of the PSA, you can contribute to the campaign by purchasing a kit to distribute to a station of your choice. The kits are available for $100 and will include a letter to television station public service directors, a color storyboard of the PSA and a broadcast-quality copy of the PSA with Sigma tracking. For $150 an organization's logo can even be placed at the end of the spot.

If a station near you has received the PSA, you can help by calling the station and encouraging them to air the PSA.

Individuals also can obtain a VHS version of the PSA kit for $25.

Click here to purchase a PSA kit.

Movie Theatre Advertisements

In honor of National Nurses Week, Nurses for a Healthier Tomorrow kicked off a new component of the multimedia campaign with on-screen advertisements running in movie theatres beginning the week of May 6-12, 2002. The ads feature real-life nurses from the coalition's print ad campaign, showcase the "Nursing. It's Real. It's Life." tagline, and direct moviegoers to the Web site. Reaching more than 2.5 million moviegoers, the on-screen ad will appear throughout the month of May on 436 screens nationwide in the following major markets: Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Baltimore, Dallas, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Detroit, Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Boston.